Paragon Restoration offer professional mold remediation, moisture investigations, and mold surveys.

mold baseboards stock photoMoisture Investigations and Remediation

Excess moisture from a water source is the single most important factor for microbial amplification (mold, fungi, and bacteria). This can lead to potential health problems and the destruction of building materials. To assess and monitor the moisture level in your building, we utilize state of the art instrumentation to measure humidity levels in the air, the moisture level in building materials (drywall, concrete, wood framing, and flooring) to identify problems areas.

Mold Surveys

Scientific research has shown that microbial contamination is a significant source for poor indoor air quality (IAQ) associated health problems. Mold spores can act as allergens and irritants. Source identification and evaluating the extent of contamination are the important factors for development of a successful remediation protocol. Our highly experienced and educated microbiology and industrial hygiene team can identify problems areas, provide you with a remediation plan and scope of work. After obtaining final clearance, you are ready for the re-construction phase.

Paragon Restoration can:
  • Identify sources of moisture that allow mold to grow
  • Remedy moisture sources that cause mold growth
  • Dehumidify and dry structures to limit new mold growth
  • Remove mold growth and spores, (mold remediation) from structure and contents and furnace duct systems
  • Remediate for mold contamination where spores are discovered and mold growth is not evident
  • Perform mold treatments and repair structure as needed
  • Obtain final clearance testing